Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II (2001)
(Star Wars series)
Shooter, Flight Simulation
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LucasArts Factor 5
GC Disc 0023272998691

Think you've got what it takes to lead the elite Rogue Squadron? Now's your chance to jump into the cockpit of an X-wing and find out. Join Luke Skywalker and the Star Wars galaxy's most daring pilots as they return to face off against the Empire in Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader for Nintendo GameCube. As in the original hit game for N64, you'll relive favorite Star Wars battles including the perilous Death Star trench run, a daring space attack on a Star Destroyer and the legendary battle on the ice planet Hoth. Rogue Leader features stunning, movielike visuals and immerses players in an intense action-arcade experience. Aerial conflict takes place in a variety of craft such as the legendary X-wing, A-wing, and B-wing. The squadron is yours, Rogue Leader! This first-generation title pushes the Nintendo's technical capabilities to the limit with incredible graphics and intense gameplay

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Nr de Discos 1
Región Europe
Idioma English
Clasificación por Edades 12